Call for Pianists: Installation/Performance

For the first realization of Installation/Performance we are seeking precisely 15 pianists, each of whom will learn a unique collection of six sections from the entire score - two sections from part one, four from part two.

Although each of the 15 sets of six unique sections are different in duration and challenge, we have tried (hard!) to equalize the totality of demand and time on each participant. In most cases, the total amount of music to be learned by each pianist is about three minutes. The entire piece, start to finish, is approximately 37 minutes.

The 15 pianists collectively recording their uniquely assigned sections will upload to the Currawong platform the content for a public Installation/Performance hosted by museums and comparable venues. Pianists will also collaborate with a video/installation artist engaged by Currawong to record video that will be an integral part of Installation/Performance. Please see Venues for more details.

We also invite the 15 pianists, subject to their availability and travel schedules, to perform their assigned fragments (or more) on the concert grand Spirio at the venues during the time the Installation/Performance is exhibited. More details as to how this will play out to be posted.

Note: The compensation for participation will be disclosed upon request. In addition to the fee for learning and recording the fragments you selected, each of the core 15 pianists for this first realization of Installation/Performance will become a shareholder in any monetization of the work, whether via traditional performance revenues or via some of the newer forms of monetization, should such come into play. (More details on this topic will be posted in the future.)

Click here to read more about participation in this project and how the score selection process works.

Selection App for Installation/Performance

The Selection App may be used to register your participation in the get used to it man ... project and select the score fragments you are interested in learning, or to simply explore the score and music.

The Selection App consists of three parts:

  • Part 1 fragment selection where you choose the two fragments from the first part of get used to it man ... you would like to learn and record.
  • Part 2 fragment selection where you choose the four fragments from the second part of get used to it man ... you would like to learn and record.
  • The check-out page where you may check and submit your selections.

If you are a returning participant and you would like to review or change your selections you may login here.

If you are a new participant you can register now, or wait until after you have chosen your selections.

If you are only interested in browsing the score and listening to the music feel free to continue as a guest user.