It is not necessary to present a significant performance history in order to participate. We are looking above all for pianists with the interest and chops to perform the music in question.

The application process is intended to be as simple and cost-free as possible.

STEP 1. If you have a commercially available recording that demonstrates abilities relevant to the demands of this music, we will be glad to purchase it. In that case, please advise us of what section(s) of the recording you believe are most applicable. Feel free to send us a link so we can purchase from your preferred vendor. Alternatively, you may send a link from which we can download performance(s) directly - from say YouTube - or to any server hosting the file(s) you want us to listen to.

STEP 2. If this seems like a good fit, then we will ask you to learn and record either a one-minute or 90-second segment drawn from get used to it man. (The longer segment is the same minute + the next 30 seconds of the score.) We will pay $750 for the 90-second extract, or $500 for the one-minute extract. It's up to you.

Below is the segment. Note: If you choose the longer extract, your recorded sample is the entire segment. If you choose the shorter extract, your recorded sample will be sections 6064 - 6068 only, which ends midway through measure 15.

If convenient to your location and schedule, the easiest way to capture your selected recording is on the Spirio concert D at our studio at 508 West 26th Street, Suite 917, New York NY 10001. If that is not convenient, we can accept any MIDI file of your recording of the segment. If a MIDI recording is not practical, we can work with an acoustic recording instead

Here are links to the score as both PDF and Sibelius files. We also include a link to an MP3 version of the audio which may be easier to stream on some devices.

You can use this Application page for both STEP 1 and STEP 2.

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Drop any files that you would like to accompany your application here. We are particularly interested in any recordings you may like us to hear.

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