Currawong Project is developing a musical practice at the confluence of three resources: Digital sound technologies that transform instrumental sound, performance analysis that directs the application of these transformations, performer virtuosity as the essential driver.

For an introduction to our ideas and projects watch our latest video here.

Virtuosity is essential to the development of music as an art form. The scope of virtuosity is continually evolving as composers create new demands. Audiences revere virtuosity, for it is both viscerally exciting and vital to their engagement in a performance.

The use of computer technologies in service of an expanded spectrum of sound already has a storied history. But the ability to "fine tune" in real time, such that no two performances will ever be alike, is ever more viable thanks to the continuous and accelerating development of digital resources.

The ubiquity of data analytics to inform decisions beyond our direct control is already often taken for granted in our daily lives. At Currawong Project we employ performance data collected and analyzed as an integral part of the performance and ultimately what constitutes the score itself.