Copyright (C) Kevin Larke 2009-2020

This file is part of libcm.

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cmDspCtx : Dataflow global context interface.

typedef cmHandle_t cmDspSysH_t;
typedef cmHandle_t cmDspStoreH_t;

struct cmAudioSysCtx_str;
struct cmDspGlobalVar_str;

// DSP system context passed to many DSP instance functions
typedef struct
  cmDspSysH_t               dspH;
  cmRpt_t*                  rpt;
  cmCtx_t*                  cmCtx;      // global pgm context
  struct cmCtx_str*         cmProcCtx;  // context used by cmProc objects
  struct cmAudioSysCtx_str* ctx;        // audio sub-system context this DSP program is executing within 
  cmLHeapH_t                lhH;
  cmJsonH_t                 jsH;
  cmSymTblH_t               stH;
  cmDspStoreH_t             dsH;
  cmJsonH_t                 rsrcJsH;
  unsigned                  cycleCnt;   // count of DSP execution cycles (multiply by cmDspSamplesPerCycle() to get time since start of DSP system in samples)
  unsigned _disableSymId;
  unsigned _enableSymId;
  unsigned execDurUsecs;
} cmDspCtx_t;