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cmSymTbl : Symbol table object.

typedef cmHandle_t cmSymTblH_t;

extern cmSymTblH_t cmSymTblNullHandle;

// Create a new symbol table. 
// 'parentH' is a parent table embedded in this table and is optional. Set this
// value to 'cmSymTblNullHandle'. if the table does not have a parent.
// All symbol searches will include this table however all symbols registered with 
// this table will be inserted in this table not the parent. 
// 'baseSymId' is the minimum symbol id used by this table and will be returned
// as the value of the first symbol registered with this table. Subsequent symbols
// will increment this value. Internal assertions prevent the symbol id range
// of this table from overlapping with its parent. 
cmSymTblH_t cmSymTblCreate(  cmSymTblH_t parentH, unsigned baseSymId, cmCtx_t* ctx );

// Destroy and release the resources associated with a symbol table created by
// an earlier call to cmSymTblCreate().
void        cmSymTblDestroy(  cmSymTblH_t* hp );

// Register a symbol label. Set 'staticFl' to true if the label is allocated statically.
unsigned    cmSymTblRegister( cmSymTblH_t h, const char* label, bool staticFl );
unsigned    cmSymTblRegisterSymbol( cmSymTblH_t h, const char* label );
unsigned    cmSymTblRegisterStaticSymbol( cmSymTblH_t h, const char* label );

unsigned    cmSymTblRegisterVFmt( cmSymTblH_t h, const cmChar_t* fmt, va_list vl );
unsigned    cmSymTblRegisterFmt( cmSymTblH_t h, const cmChar_t* fmt, ... );

bool        cmSymTblRemove(    cmSymTblH_t h, unsigned symId );

// Given a symbol id return the associated label.
const char* cmSymTblLabel(     cmSymTblH_t h, unsigned    symId );

// Given a symbol label return the associated id or cmInvalidId if the symbol could not be found.
unsigned    cmSymTblId(        cmSymTblH_t h, const char* label );

// Returns true if the symbol table handle is not valid otherwise returns false.
bool        cmSymTblIsValid(   cmSymTblH_t h );

// Returns true if 'symId' is stored in this symbol table or its parent otherwise returns false.
bool        cmSymTblIsValidId( cmSymTblH_t h, unsigned symId );

// Print thes symbol table (but not its parent).
void        cmSymTblReport(    cmSymTblH_t h );

// Symbol table test stub.
void        cmSymTblTest(cmCtx_t* ctx);