Copyright (C) Kevin Larke 2009-2020

This file is part of libcm.

libcm is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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See the GNU General Public License distributed with the libcm package or look here: .

cmCtx : Global application context record.

cmCtx_t is used to hold application supplied cmRpt_t, cmErr_t and other global values for easy distribution throughtout a cm based application.

Most the libcm components need at least an application supplied cmRpt_t function to initialize their own internal cmErr_t error class. Likewise classes which use a cmLHeapH_t based internal heap manager require application wide memory manager configuration information. The cmCtx_t packages this information and allows it to be easily distributed. The applicaton and its constituent objects then need only maintain and pass pointers to a single cmCtx_t object to have access to all the global program information.

// cmCtx_t data type.
typedef struct
  cmRpt_t  rpt;            // Application supplied global reporter. This reporter is also use by \ref err.
  cmErr_t  err;            // Application error reporter which can be used to report errors prior to the client object being initialized to the point where it can use it's own cmErr_t.
  unsigned guardByteCnt;   // Guard byte count in use by \ref cmMallocDebug.h .
  unsigned alignByteCnt;   // Align byte count used by the \ref cmMallocDebug.h
  unsigned mmFlags;        // Initialization flags used by \ref cmMallocDebug.h.
  void*    userDefPtr;     // Application defined pointer.
} cmCtx_t;

// cmCtx_t initialization function.
void cmCtxSetup( 
cmCtx_t*         ctx,          // The cmCtx_t to initialize.
const cmChar_t*  title,        // The cmCtx_t error label. See cmErrSetup().
cmRptPrintFunc_t prtFunc,      // The printFunc() to assign to the cmCtx_t.rpt.
cmRptPrintFunc_t errFunc,      // The errFunc() to assign to cmCtx_t.rpt.
void*            cbPtr,        // Callback data to use with prtFunc() and errFunc().
unsigned         guardByteCnt, // Guard byte count used to configure \ref cmMallocDebug.h
unsigned         alignByteCnt, // Align byte count used to configure \ref cmMallocDebug.h
unsigned         mmFlags       // Initialization flags used to configure \ref cmMallocDebug.h