Currawong Project is now seeking to engage pianists for phase two of get used to it man: Installation/Performance.

We warmly welcome those able to meet us at our Manhattan studio (26th St. / 10th Ave.) as your schedule or travel plans permit. Visitors are welcome to try our rare Steinway Spirio concert grand ("D") and learn about its technology and how we adapt it to the project goals. We are eager to include participants from anywhere in the world, thus if it is not possible to meet in person we are glad to arrange a virtual meeting.

Requirements: First and foremost, a virtuosic technique. Pianists must be able to realize the music with enough accuracy and interpretive flexibility so as to achieve the goals of the project. Many of the demands of the music will be highly familiar to pianists experienced with say Scriabin, Prokofiev, Ravel or Chopin. Other demands are highly contemporary, such as managing rhythmic complexity, and realizing multiple dynamic levels simultaneously.

For Workshop we engaged a limited number of pianists from New York City to learn and record an approximately two-minute section of music from part two of get used to it man thats the way we live now.

For Installation/Performance we are seeking precisely 15 pianists, each of whom will learn a unique collection of six sections from the entire score - two from part one, four from part two. For this phase we encourage qualified pianists from anywhere in the world to participate.

If you are interested in participating please convey your interest here.

How it works:

For Workshop, all pianists recorded their interpretations at our Manhattan recording studio at the Chelsea Arts Building on West 26th Street and 10th Avenue on a Steinway Concert Grand (model D) Spirio which Steinway is providing specifically for the project.

For Installation/Performance, while it will be most convenient if we can accommodate your recording session(s) at our studio with the Spirio Concert Grand, that is not a condition for participation. What we need to capture for this phase are recordings of your interpretations of your assigned fragments via MIDI, which can be done anywhere recording conditions allow. Please contact us to review special recording arrangements that enable your participation from a location other than our studio, if necessary to accommodate your participation.

The recording window for Installation/Performance is expected to take place starting in September, 2022 and remain open for about 10 weeks. If a participant is not available within that period we will try to accommodate your scheduling requirements outside that timeframe. Further updates will be posted in coming months.